American Jacob Sheep Registry

 Breed Standard

Desirable Traits

Undesirable Traits

Disqualifying Traits

White wool with black spots, approx 40% black ; no kemp

Greying at early age; less than 10% black in fleece; kempy fibers in fleece

All white or >90% black

Black eye patches & muzzle; black cape over shoulders and neck

More than one facial patch completely missing; white blaze missing or broken

No dark facial markings or solid black face; no black markings in cape area

White legs with black marks on hocks, hooves, and front knees.

Solid white legs with no breed markings.

More than one solid black leg

Two or four firmly attached, well-balanced horns

Horns that seriously impair animal's quality of life; unbalanced horns; forward-growing horns

All white horns; polled or scurs only

Clean face and legs (lamb bloom on face is acceptable)

 Bloom on adult sheep.

Wooly legs or wool on face forward of horns

Small body type; approx. 100-150 lb. ewes, 120-175 lb. rams

Very blocky, meat -type build

Obviously oversize

Small, triangular head

Coarse head with broad muzzle

Pendulous ears

Tail reaches mid-hock; may be docked


Fat tail




Monorchidism, cryptorchism, parrot mouth, other serious genetic faults

Animals exhibiting disqualifying traits are not eligible for registration. Excessive undesirable traits may also render an individual animal ineligible for registration if, at the registrar's discretion, such traits seriously challenge the breed identity.









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