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Jacob sheep - the wonderful 4-horned spotted breed!

logoWelcome to the Home Page of the

 American Jacob Sheep Registry


A Registry for the Responsible & Non-Political
Registration and Perpetuation of a Unique Breed of Sheep


About the AJSR...
This organization is a privately-held registry, guided by devoted Jacob breeders who value their sheep and the preservation of the breed over bureaucracy and politics. All animals registered by the AJSR are the result of a planned program on the part of the owners/breeders of the individual animals. The herdbook of the AJSR will remain permanently open to any individual sheep which has adequately demonstrated its ability to reproduce in kind, in accordance with the breed-testing program. The AJSR does not offer "memberships" nor does it charge dues.

About the Jacob Sheep...
The Jacob is an old British breed. It is documented that such sheep existed in England about 400 years ago, but the exact details of origin are lost in time. There are many myths and fanciful tales surrounding the origins of the breed, including those linking it with the Middle east or with the Spanish Armada. It is probable the 4-horned characteristic derives from Viking animal ancestry. Although there is no present-day evidence of direct ancestry to Biblical times nor to the Middle East, the name of this spotted sheep breed apparently is taken from the Biblical story about Jacob.

Jacob sheep have multi-colored fleeces and are always horned. It is preferred that the horns be an even number, and well-balanced; but many other horn numbers and patterns are possible and acceptable. A primitive breed, Jacobs are easy lambers and excellent mothers.



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