American Jacob Sheep Registry

P.O. Box 237, McKean, PA 16426

This form is used ONLY for applying for registration for the offspring of 2 registered sheep.
Please include payment of $5, payable to SHEEP REGISTRY.

Name of Sheep ______________________________________________________________

Tattoo/tag # L ______ R _______ Sex _______ Date of Birth _______ # in Birth ___F ____M

Please circle IF BLACK MARKINGS ARE PRESENT:     Muzzle         Scrotum/Udder
Right Eye             Right Front Foot            Right Hind Foot             Right Hock           Right Front Knee
Left Eye                Left Front Foot               Left Hind Foot               Left Hock             Left Front Knee

Indicate # of Horns: Right _______ Left: _________

Sire's Name_________________________________________Regis. #_________________

Sire's Sire __________________________________________Regis. #_________________

Sire's Dam _________________________________________ Regis. #_________________

Dam's Name ________________________________________Regis. #_________________

Dam's Sire__________________________________________Regis. #_________________

Dam's Dam_________________________________________ Regis. #_________________
  (Please include any other known pedigree information on the back of this page.)

Owner’s Name _____________________________________________________________

Owner's Address____________________________________________________________

Breeder’s Name ____________________________________________________________

Breeder’s Address __________________________________________________________

Breeder's Phone____________________________________________________________

 I hereby certify that to the best of my belief and knowledge, the information on this application is true and correct:

 Signature ________________________________________________Date_____________

Attach a clear photos of each side AND the head of sheep, and include $5.
Important: Circle HERE if photos are attached to a parents' application, and fill in the FULL name of the parent sheep _______________________________________.

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